Sagarin Ratings Jeff Sagarin
Cloverdale (7-11) at Northview (7-11)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Matthew Langdon, 93-108 in 9th year at Cloverdale. Zack Keyes, 68-51 in 5th year at Northview.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Northview, 52.86, 232nd overall, 68th in 3A. Cloverdale, 48.14, 269th overall, 60th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Cloverdale defeated West Vigo, 49-46. Northview lost to Cascade, 60-39.
VS. COMMON FOES: Cloverdale 4-5; Northview 4-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Cloverdale 157-170. Northview 154-168.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Cloverdale, 3-0.
LAST MEETING: Cloverdale, 68-65, 2OT, Jan. 18, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: Northview, 48-43.
Fort Wayne Canterbury (2-12) at Fremont (9-8)
COACHES: Tira Brown, 2-12 in 1st year at Canterbury. Scott Sprague, 26-17 in 2nd year at Fremont.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Fremont, 59.36, 184th overall, 20th in 1A. Canterbury, 14.08, 381st overall, 96th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Canterbury lost to Lakeland Christian, 41-28. Fremont defeated Prairie Heights, 46-36.
VS. COMMON FOES: Canterbury 0-4; Fremont 2-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Canterbury 78-132. Fremont 136-129.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Canterbury, 6-1.
LAST MEETING: Fremont, 53-13, Jan. 14, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: Fremont, 68-14.
Hanover Central (11-5) at North Newton (9-7)
COACHES: Luis Roldan, 39-50 in 4th year at Hanover Central. Jenny Spillers, 9-7 in 1st year at North Newton.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Hanover Central, 59.93, 178th overall, 55th in 3A. North Newton, 42.23, 299th overall, 73rd in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Hanover Central defeated Hammond Noll, 54-50. North Newton defeated Hammond Gavit, 55-24.
VS. COMMON FOES: Hanover Central 4-2; North Newton 2-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Hanover Central 140-151. North Newton 113-169.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Hanover Central, 11-2.
LAST MEETING: Hanover Central, 32-23, Jan. 20, 2018.
jh PREDICTION: Hanover Central, 53-39.
Homestead (16-1) vs. TBA
GAME TIME: , Berlin, Ohio.
COACHES: Kara Ankenbruck (interim), 9-1 in 1st year at Homestead. .
SAGARIN RATINGS: Homestead, 103.6, 2nd overall, 2nd in 4A.
LAST OUTING: Homestead defeated Northfield, 77-41.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Homestead 162-118.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings.
Indianapolis Herron (3-11) at Indian Creek (9-8)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Lisa Myers, 3-11 in 1st year at Herron. Brian Ferris, 34-29 in 3rd year at Indian Creek.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indian Creek, 66.74, 136th overall, 45th in 3A. Herron, 17.19, 377th overall, 100th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Herron lost to Sheridan, 42-25. Indian Creek lost to Brown County, 62-47.
VS. COMMON FOES: Herron 0-2; Indian Creek 2-0.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Herron 91-141. Indian Creek 173-131.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Indian Creek, 1-0.
LAST MEETING: Indian Creek, 67-26, Jan. 14, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: Indian Creek, 71-17.
Indianapolis Lutheran (3-13) at Monrovia (7-12)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Joe Morgan, 115-186 in 14th year at Lutheran. Kevin Rounds, 38-51 in 4th year at Monrovia.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Monrovia, 48.19, 267th overall, 80th in 3A. Lutheran, 27.52, 355th overall, 70th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Lutheran defeated Indianapolis International, 44-30. Monrovia lost to Edgewood, 48-33.
VS. COMMON FOES: Lutheran 0-5; Monrovia 1-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Lutheran 160-117. Monrovia 172-160.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Monrovia, 3-2.
LAST MEETING: Monrovia, 47-46, Jan. 14, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: Monrovia, 58-35.
Lewis Cass (2-16) at Taylor (12-5)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Kyle Amor, 2-16 in 1st year at Cass, 131-75 in 8th year overall. Tony Oliver, 31-53 in 4th year at Taylor.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Taylor, 62.53, 168th overall, 30th in 2A. Cass, 35.79, 329th overall, 81st in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Cass lost to North Miami, 55-21. Taylor defeated Madison-Grant, 41-33.
VS. COMMON FOES: Cass 1-9; Taylor 9-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Cass 164-159. Taylor 166-134.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Taylor, 12-1.
LAST MEETING: Taylor, 37-36, Dec. 20, 2014.
jh PREDICTION: Taylor, 54-26.
Lighthouse CPA (11-5) vs. TBA
GAME TIME: , Gary West.
COACHES: Tim Mays, 19-16 in 2nd year at Lighthouse. .
SAGARIN RATINGS: Lighthouse, 58.08, 197th overall, 59th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Lighthouse lost to Morgan Park (Ill.), 86-54.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Lighthouse 78-152.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings.
Marquette Catholic (6-9) at Bowman Academy (7-8)
COACHES: Katie Collignon, 81-19 in 4th year at Marquette. Thomas Smith, 11-18 in 2nd year at Bowman, 77-51 in 6th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Marquette, 38.13, 316th overall, 78th in 2A. Bowman, 34.92, 334th overall, 84th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Marquette lost to North Judson, 49-23. Bowman defeated Gary 21st Century, 51-22.
VS. COMMON FOES: Marquette 5-2; Bowman 3-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Marquette 114-127. Bowman 71-156.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings.
jh PREDICTION: Bowman, 44-43.
Medora (0-13) at Crothersville (10-7)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Brad McCammon, 76-253 in 16th year at Medora, 81-267 in 17th year overall. Kevin Hensley, 106-142 in 11th year at Crothersville.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Crothersville, 47.6, 273rd overall, 40th in 1A. Medora,-8.4, 400th overall, 91st in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Medora lost to South Decatur, 75-19. Crothersville lost to Lanesville, 60-34.
VS. COMMON FOES: Medora 0-6; Crothersville 5-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Medora 89-123. Crothersville 128-171.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Crothersville, 22-11.
LAST MEETING: Crothersville, 74-32, Jan. 14, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: Crothersville, 77-12.
Perry Central (4-15) at Tell City (2-16)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm CT.
COACHES: R.T. Elliott, 8-34 in 2nd year at Perry Central. John Hayes, 63-100 in 7th year at Tell City.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Perry Central, 37.34, 320th overall, 80th in 2A. Tell City, 35.25, 332nd overall, 83rd in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Perry Central lost to Heritage Hills, 54-20. Tell City lost to Boonville, 37-25.
VS. COMMON FOES: Perry Central 1-7; Tell City 1-8.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Perry Central 171-176. Tell City 157-144.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Tell City, 18-17.
LAST MEETING: Perry Central, 42-36, Dec. 21, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: Tell City, 44-41.
Salem (16-2) at West Washington (8-9)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Jerry Hickey, 108-60 in 7th year at Salem. Darrin Russell, 68-52 in 5th year at West Washington.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Salem, 92.45, 15th overall, 1st in 3A. West Washington, 56.49, 209th overall, 24th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Salem defeated Scottsburg, 62-43. West Washington lost to Crawford County, 57-44.
VS. COMMON FOES: Salem 3-0; West Washington 0-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Salem 190-144. West Washington 164-145.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Salem, 18-3.
LAST MEETING: Salem, 52-29, Nov. 20, 2018.
jh PREDICTION: Salem, 68-35.
Shenandoah (17-1) at Tri (12-6)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Dameon Wyatt, 54-13 in 3rd year at Shenandoah. Jeff_Miller, 197-116 in 14th year at Tri.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Shenandoah, 72.37, 96th overall, 9th in 2A. Tri, 59.93, 179th overall, 18th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Shenandoah defeated Lapel, 58-50. Tri defeated Anderson Prep Academy, 69-44.
VS. COMMON FOES: Shenandoah 5-0; Tri 4-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Shenandoah 123-189. Tri 167-145.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Shenandoah, 12-9.
LAST MEETING: Tri, 52-48, Jan. 11, 2020.
jh PREDICTION: Shenandoah, 51-40.
South Adams (7-8) at Southern Wells (3-11)
COACHES: Brett Freeman, 103-74 in 8th year at South Adams, 149-176 in 15th year overall. Jessica Killingbeck, 20-43 in 3rd year at Southern Wells.
SAGARIN RATINGS: South Adams, 53.45, 230th overall, 50th in 2A. Southern Wells, 35.96, 328th overall, 59th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: South Adams lost to Bluffton, 45-31. Southern Wells defeated Centerville, 37-34.
VS. COMMON FOES: South Adams 4-3; Southern Wells 2-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: South Adams 141-102. Southern Wells 116-126.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Southern Wells, 10-6.
LAST MEETING: South Adams, 51-49, OT, Jan. 4, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: South Adams, 52-40.
South Newton (2-14) at Benton Central (19-1)
COACHES: Josef Keller, 29-36 in 3rd year at South Newton. David Baxter, 216-38 in 10th year at Benton Central, 292-120 in 17th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Benton Central, 90.53, 17th overall, 2nd in 3A. South Newton, 12.25, 383rd overall, 80th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: South Newton lost to Cissna Park (Ill.), 42-31. Benton Central defeated Delphi, 70-30.
VS. COMMON FOES: South Newton 0-2; Benton Central 2-0.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: South Newton 92-140. Benton Central 162-123.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Benton Central, 2-0.
LAST MEETING: Benton Central, 66-23, Dec. 9, 2006.
jh PREDICTION: Benton Central, 94-12.
South Putnam (13-4) at North Central (Farmersburg) (11-5)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Brian Gardner, 74-41 in 5th year at South Putnam. Joey Davidson, 58-57 in 5th year at North Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: South Putnam, 64.94, 152nd overall, 25th in 2A. North Central, 61.4, 172nd overall, 15th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: South Putnam defeated Riverton Parke, 78-25. North Central lost to Sullivan, 79-69.
VS. COMMON FOES: South Putnam 3-0; North Central 2-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: South Putnam 146-160. North Central 121-133.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: South Putnam, 3-1.
LAST MEETING: South Putnam, 79-68, Jan. 14, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: North Central, 54-53.
Washington Catholic (4-13) at North Posey (2-12)
GAME TIME: 5:30 pm CT.
COACHES: Brant Stevens, 4-13 in 1st year at Catholic. Waylon Schenk, 2-12 in 1st year at North Posey.
SAGARIN RATINGS: North Posey, 39.12, 312th overall, 77th in 2A. Catholic, 10.78, 386th overall, 82nd in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Catholic defeated Cannelton, 36-35, OT. North Posey lost to Heritage Hills, 51-30.
VS. COMMON FOES: Catholic 0-2; North Posey 0-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Catholic 127-171. North Posey 102-126.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Catholic, 3-0.
LAST MEETING: Catholic, 57-48, Dec. 7, 2006.
jh PREDICTION: North Posey, 61-26.
Wayne Memorial (Mich.) at Hammond Noll (8-10)
GAME TIME: 4:30 pm CT, Gary West.
COACHES: Vanita Golston, 142-77 in 9th year at Bishop Noll.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Bishop Noll, 57.34, 202nd overall, 45th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Bishop Noll lost to East Chicago Central, 45-43.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Bishop Noll 110-102.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: No meetings.
Wheeler (7-10) at Chicago Grant Park (Ill.)
COACHES: Amanda Gibson, 7-10 in 1st year at Wheeler. .
SAGARIN RATINGS: Wheeler, 38.48, 314th overall, 89th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Wheeler defeated Boone Grove, 33-28.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Wheeler 136-144.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Wheeler, 1-0.
LAST MEETING: Wheeler, 45-16, Jan. 14, 2019.
Boone Grove (4-15) vs. LaCrosse (7-10)
GAME TIME: 5:30 pm CT, Morgan Twp..
COACHES: Linda Eleftheri, 169-172 in 17th year at Boone Grove. Chris McGowen, 19-21 in 2nd year at LaCrosse.
SAGARIN RATINGS: LaCrosse, 45.7, 283rd overall, 44th in 1A. Boone Grove, 31.14, 346th overall, 88th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Boone Grove lost to Wheeler, 33-28. LaCrosse lost to Kouts, 40-30.
VS. COMMON FOES: Boone Grove 1-5; LaCrosse 4-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Boone Grove 153-170. LaCrosse 170-133.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: Boone Grove, 12-6.
LAST MEETING: LaCrosse, 45-37, Dec. 20, 2019.
jh PREDICTION: LaCrosse, 48-34.
South Central (Union Mills) (12-6) vs. Westville (14-3)
GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Morgan Twp..
COACHES: Wes Bucher, 40-26 in 3rd year at South Central. John Marshall, 14-3 in 1st year at Westville.
SAGARIN RATINGS: South Central, 70.94, 111th overall, 13th in 2A. Westville, 55.99, 214th overall, 49th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: South Central lost to Knox, 45-28. Westville defeated Hebron, 48-43.
VS. COMMON FOES: South Central 6-0; Westville 5-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: South Central 160-159. Westville 121-174.
SERIES LAST 15 YEARS: South Central, 22-3.
LAST MEETING: South Central, 56-31, Dec. 18, 2018.
jh PREDICTION: South Central, 57-39.